The I am BOLD. I Rise Campaign features phenomenal women who have risen above their circumstances and are now able to share their triumph with boldness. You are invited to follow their stories on how they have overcome sexual abuse, depression, bullying, and finding their voice, just to name a few. 
It is the mission of this campaign to present the faces of women who may represent your mother, aunt, sister, friend or You when it comes to strength, power, and healing.
The women selected are featured in an empowerment calendar in which 100% of the proceeds go back to the campaign. In addition, the women’s stories are featured in my blog as it corresponds to the month that they represent. At the end of the year, we celebrate the women by hosting a celebration event, where calendars are available for purchase. 
2017 Participants
January - Eva Macias
February - Ariana Sanchez
March - Tamara Mena
April - Esther Rosales
May - Veronica DeLeon
June - Jacqueline Moya
July - Barbara Sanchez
August - Alejandra Sanchez
September - Vanessa Gaviota
October - Sheila Garcia
November - Jaqueline Velasquez
December - Jennifer Naranjo
2018 Participants - Deborah Deras
January - Mayra Alvarez 
February - Desiree Contreras
March - Alicia Zambrano
April - Hilary Ansell
May - Catherine Munoz-Garces
June - Maria Lopez
July - Susanna Gonzalez
August - Kendria Godair
September - Kim Lebish
October - Genesis Moreno
November - Cecilia Mota
December - Claudia Sosa
2019 Participants - Natalia Mares
January - Maydelli Mendoza
February - Rachel Brooks
March - Crystal Arriola
April - Reyna Marrufo
May - Ashourina 
June - Sol Macias
July -  Anabel Herrera
August -  Nitizia Chama
September - Allante Chapple
October - Davina Ferreira
November - Cristal Lopez
December - Mel McFarland
To get involved or learn more about this movement, feel free to contact me at