Forgiveness Workshop
What does forgiveness mean to you?
Have you ever asked yourself that?

Forgiveness is a big word that often gets misinterpreted.
Are you ready to learn how true forgiveness really sets you free?
In my workshop, I talk about how I forgave not only myself but also my ex-husband
for what I believed to be was an unforgivable offense.
Many times I tried to justify why he did not deserve my forgiveness.

Some of the things you will learn at my workshop are:
* how forgiveness can transform your life
* understand forgiveness is a process
* understand my layers of forgiveness
Finding Your Purpose Workshop 
I always seemed to be on a search for something not exactly knowing what.
Then something tragic happened that I alone could not go through,
so I began to surrender to God.
Through my toughest times, God revealed his power and I found my purpose.
Which I then realized was exactly what I had been searching for.

Although when in the wait, it felt like eternity and I didn’t understand why,
I began to doubt God when things went wrong.
But I’ve learned He operates in a different time table than us.

Being patient and obedient has not been easy and I’ve come to understand Gods delays are not denials.
He is always the solution to my problems and when he shows up he brings dead faith back.
Come join me at my next workshop to begin Finding Your Purpose.