My Story

Anel Parra is a proud Latina who was born and raised in Southern California. She is passionate about solving social justice issues and empowering women to live an authentic and purpose-driven life. Anel is the founder of Bold Ascension, a faith-based women’s empowerment organization whose mission is to support women in rising above their circumstances and empowering them to boldly live as their authentic self by living as God created them to be.

Through the I am Bold, I Rise campaign, Anel has created a platform for women to share their powerful and transformational stories with the world. Sharing her own journey was both empowering and healing, and led her to live a more purpose-driven life aligned with her passion for social justice issues and women’s empowerment.

Anel is a multi-faceted individual who continues to grow and develop herself. She was a teen mom with four beautiful children, ranging in ages from 5 to 19. Anel has overcome incredible obstacles to become the powerhouse she is today. She is a survivor of domestic violence and has a daughter who was sexually abused by a close family member.  Anel has transcended that pain into a purpose-driven life to ensure that others that struggle can find a way out. 

Anel is not only pursuing her Masters of Social Work degree, she is also a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army serving as a medical services platoon leader. As a keynote speaker and coach, she shares her journey as a teen mom, wife, domestic violence survivor, victim advocate, and single mom to show others that overcoming adversity is in all of us.

Anel currently has a monthly podcast with each of the women from the I am Bold, I Rise campaign, detailing their stories of survival.  The I am Bold, I Rise calendar is available for purchase throughout the year, with all funds supporting future events and programs. 

Bold Talks is a monthly workshop where Anel partners with other women to discuss important topics, and provide support and resources for domestic violence and sexual abuse survivors, along with the families that support them in their healing journey. 

Bold Ascension holds an annual launch party, gathering all the women from the I am Bold, I Rise campaign to celebrate their powerful stories, raise awareness for partnering organizations that empower survivors, and holding panel discussions with inspirational individuals. With every single voice that is strengthened, comes transformation and empowerment, and Anel is grateful to be on this journey with you.